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Eco-learning centre, India



Designs for the Eco learning centre in Bihar, India. 





Earthbag construction, women sewing and filling the earth into the tubular length bags. Other earthquake resilient building technologies

incorporated into the eco learning centre design, were using Plastic block, bamboo and straw., upcycled glass bottles, car tyres. natural air ventilation designed to work as a vernacular system.

The site consists of an office, plastic upcycling centre, solar powered IT centre, lower hall, dry toilets, wastewater filtration systems used for irrigation of the bioremediation garden.

Landscaping in the Himalayas 2016





Upcycling the construction waste for developing a meditation, forest food garden. A grey water system designed for irrigation purposes.

Tergar Monastery, Bodhgaya 2008

Rooftop space- before the garden design and build

After- Phase 1

The completed rooftop garden consist of two lawns, raised beds, troughs, archways, seating, solar lighting and an array of potted plants. The plants were mainly local species, medicinal, succulents, flowers, small trees and shrubs. A kitchen garden was situated on the far wall to grow vegetables, herbs, spices such as chillies, tomatoes, pak choi, spinach.

All components were made from locally available resources and provided work for local skilled craftsperson and workers.